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Queen - The Miracle (Deluxe Edition)

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The Miracle is the thirteenth studio album by the British rock band Queen, released on 22 May 1989 by Parlophone Records and Capitol Records in both the United Kingdom and the US, respectively, where it was the band's first and final studio album to be released on those respective labels. The album was recorded as the band recovered from Brian May's marital problems and Freddie Mercury's HIV diagnosis in 1987 (which was known to the band, though not publicised at the time). Recording started in January 1988 and lasted for an entire year. The album was originally going to be called The Invisible Men, but three weeks before the release, according to Roger Taylor, they changed the name to The Miracle. It was also the last Queen album with a photo of the band on the front cover. The album reached number one in the UK, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, and Switzerland, and number 24 on the US Billboard Top Pop Albums chart. AllMusic would name The Miracle as Queen's best album of the 1980s, along with The Game. It would prove to be the band's penultimate album to be recorded with Freddie Mercury, as he died on 24 November 1991, nine months after their next album, Innuendo, was released.

Release Info

Artist: Queen
Label: EMI
Format: Deluxe Edition
Country: US
Label: EMI
Released: 2022-11-18
Genre: Electronic, Rock
Style: Hard Rock, Pop Rock, Synth-pop


Long Lost Original LP Cut
A1 Party
A2 Khashoggi's Ship
A3 The Miracle
A4 I Want It All
A5 Too Much Love Will Kill You
A6 The Invisible Man
B1 Breakthru
B2 Rain Must Fall
B3 Scandal
B4 My Baby Does Me
B5 Was It All Worth It
2011 Bob Ludwig Master
CD1-1 Party
CD1-2 Khashoggi's Ship
CD1-3 The Miracle
CD1-4 I Want It All
CD1-5 The Invisible Man
CD1-6 Breakthru
CD1-7 Rain Must Fall
CD1-8 Scandal
CD1-9 My Baby Does Me
CD1-10 Was It All Worth It
The Miracle Sessions
CD2-1 Party (Original Take)
CD2-2 Khashoggi's Ship (Original Take)
CD2-3 The Miracle (Original Take With John’s Ending)
CD2-4 I Want It All (Original Take)
CD2-5 The Invisible Man (Early Version With Guide Vocal)
CD2-6 When Love Breaks Up (Demo)
CD2-7 Breakthru (Real Drums And Bass)
CD2-8 Rain Must Fall (Demo)
CD2-9 Scandal (Original Rough Mix)
CD2-10 My Baby Loves Me
CD2-11 Was It All Worth It (Original Take)
CD2-12 You Know You Belong To Me
CD2-13 I Guess We're Falling Out (Demo)
CD2-14 Dog With A Bone
CD2-15 Water (Demo)
CD2-16 Face It Alone
Alternative Miracle
CD3-1 I Want It All (Single Version)
CD3-2 Hang On In There
CD3-3 Breakthru (12" Version)
CD3-4 Stealin'
CD3-5 The Invisible Man (12" Version)
CD3-6 Hijack My Heart
CD3-7 Scandal (12" Version)
CD3-8 My Life Has Been Saved
CD3-9 Stone Cold Crazy (Live At The Rainbow, London '74)
CD3-10 My Melancholy Blues (Live At Houston, Texas '77)
CD3-11 Chinese Torture
Miracu-mentals (Instrumentals & Backing Tracks)
CD4-1 Party
CD4-2 Khashoggi' Ship
CD4-3 The Miracle
CD4-4 I Want It All
CD4-5 The Invisible Man
CD4-6 Breakthru
CD4-7 Rain Must Fall
CD4-8 Scandal
CD4-9 My Baby Does Me
CD4-10 Was It All Worth It
The Miracle Radio Interviews
CD5-1 Queen For An Hour (Trailer)
CD5-2 Queen For An Hour (Interview)
CD5-3 Queen For An Hour (Interview)
CD5-4 Queen For An Hour (Interview)
CD5-5 Queen For An Hour (Interview)
CD5-6 Queen For An Hour (Interview)
CD5-7 Queen For An Hour (Interview)
CD5-8 Queen For An Hour (Interview)
CD5-9 Queen For An Hour (Interview)
CD5-10 Queen For An Hour (Interview)
CD5-11 Queen For An Hour (Out-takes)
CD5-12 Rockline (Programme)
CD5-13 Rockline (Programme)
CD5-14 Rockline (Programme)
CD5-15 Rockline (Programme)
The Miracle Videos
BD-1 I Want It All
BD-2 Breakthru
BD-3 The Invisible Man
BD-4 Scandal
BD-5 The Miracle
BD-6 The Miracle Interviews
BD-7 The Making Of The Miracle Videos
BD-8 The Making Of The Miracle Album Cover
DVD-1 I Want It All
DVD-2 Breakthru
DVD-3 The Invisible Man
DVD-4 Scandal
DVD-5 The Miracle
DVD-6 The Miracle Interviews
DVD-7 The Making Of The Miracle Videos
DVD-8 The Making Of The Miracle Album Cover

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