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Spin-Clean Record Washer System MKII

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The most-loved cleaning system for your valuable records is called the Spin-Clean system. All you need is some distilled water. The rest is supplied in the package to get you started.


  • Bath unit
  • One pair of brushes
  • One pair of rollers
  • Two washable drying cloths
  • One 4 oz bottle concentrated washer fluid

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Customer Reviews

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Garth Carl

A good simple & inexpensive cleaning system that will get the job done when it comes to cleaning your dirty albums.

Richard Callow

This thing is awesome. A must have for the thrifty audiophile.

Jeffrey Yokom

Great product


I've been cleaning my old fingerprint-y, dusty records and thrift store finds with the Spin Clean and it has been doing an incredible job! Easy to set up, clean and store with plenty of cleaning fluid to get you started. You might want to purchase some extra cleaning cloths but if you are only doing 20 or so at a time, the two included should be sufficient. Helpful customer service too!

Sarah Mastin

Works good. Read that the cleaning solution leaves a film on the record and can create surface noise. So I used just the distilled water, it sounds great.
Fast shipping and a good product.

Thanks Sarah. I've cleaned several records with a Spin Clean and the provided solution. I never noticed a film. I can see it being an issue if you put more cleaning fluid than recommended, but as long as you stick to the proportions, I think you'll be good.

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